Are you worried about SATS?


In a few months’ time, children in Y2 and Y6 will be readying for their SATS. My son had his Y2 SATS last year and my daughter had her Y6 SATS two years ago.

It amazes me when I read about how stressed and worried both children and parents are about the tests. In our area, many schools have parents meeting just to discuss it. But in our school, it’s very relax. All we get is a notice in the newsletter informing parents when is SATS week. The kids aren’t too bothered, although they get some fun time before they start in the morning. Then they have a party at the end. As parents, we only really helped by making sure the kids go to bed early every night.

The school’s result is always above average, so I think the approach must work.


So, SO glad we are in Scotland and don’t have SATS. My 10 year old is a real worrier and the prospect of being tested in this manner would distress her hugely.

There is talk of introducing standardised testing into Scottish schools and I’m not happy about it at all.


Wow, I didn’t know Scotland doesn’t have SATS. I wouldn’t worry about it if it ever gets introduced. As long as you’re relax about it, I think your child will be too.

Mine are not overly fussed. They take it in their stride.


Here in Scotland we trust our teachers to monitor the child’s progress…

There is testing, but it’s not done in all schools at the same time, and the results are used within the school only - for example my daughter did well in her maths assessments so they moved her up a group and told me that she’d done well. Results aren’t published anywhere and can’t be used by parents to compare schools.


I think that’s really a good idea. I’m not originally from the UK, and in my time where I came from, we didn’t have SATS too, but we had short tests every week in every subject, a longish test every month, and quarterly test of around 100 questions. Around 20 years ago, they introduced SATS on top of those test. Now, that’s what I call pressure.


I remember back when I did SATs - so many years ago I don’t want to think about it - it was very stressful. The reason for this is because the focus is not on the child, but the school, and the schools often seem desperate to get the grades needed to beat other local schools, or to hit targets. This pressure then becomes clear and piles up on children, causing them to struggle and become stressed about the tests.

I don’t think that children below high school age should have to sit exams at all. I just don’t think it’s fair to pile the pressure onto children at a time in their lives when they should be able to be free and enjoy things that are going on.


I don’t mind exams. I actually enjoy it, just as other people enjoy jumping off a plane. What I don’t like is the value that schools put on the results. When it becomes all about the exam results and not about the learning process, then I get put off.


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