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What’s the best way to prepare children for the 11+?


A good place to start is find our exactly what type of 11+ exam the school you want to apply for offers. There are different types and it varies from region to region. The school in question will be able to help.

We have a helpful blog on School Guide which will help with 11+ preparation in general and some recommended resources:

I went through the process with my own son and have spoken to 100s of parents who have experienced preparing and practice, practice, practice seems to be the best prep.

Good luck!


Thank you :grinning:


One tip I would add to the list is to research exactly which format the answers need to be given in. For example if it’s multiple choice - then do you need to tick the right answer, or do you need to cross it out on the corresponding computerised answer sheet, or is it computer-based, etc - and then prepare specifically for that format. The exam is very very tough on time - and every millisecond counts!