Homework: are you a 'too much' or 'not enough'?


Do you think our children are getting too much homework too soon or do you think plenty of studying at home if the key to academic success?


Personally, I don’t think it’s the amount of homework that’s important, but the tasks that the children are actually being asked to do. Some of the tasks that are set by teachers are ridiculous, and I don’t find them a good use of children’s time outside of school hours. I can understand the need for some homework - for example practicing spellings, or practicing a certain method of working out sums, but there are some things that don’t seem to have any reason to them, and seem more of a paper exercise to fill homework time set by the school rather than because the task would be of any particular benefit. Homework - within reason - is fine, however it has to be a task that is useful.


God point. If it helps to embed what you’ve covered in class then great.
In secondary I think it’s good anyway. They have a relatively short day and are soon to enter the 40+ hr per week! Maybe some homework each day is a good thing.
Maybe that’s just jealously talking as an adult!!


A bit of homework re-inforces what they learnt at school and also gives structure to time at home. It’s important though that they have already learnt the subject matter at school and parents are not having to teach or re-teach it to them.


New research out this week calls for a ban on homework at primary school. See here:

Wow – is this the beginning of the end of all those kitchen table battles and tears?!


Homework is beneficial for children.

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There are some parental guidance tips that can help in becoming a good parent-
• Recognize the privilege- All parents should understand that it is their privilege that the child has arrived at their place. Children are not a property; they are the member of the family. So all the parents should nurture them properly and give as much time as they can.
• Let them be- Parents should never force their decision on the children, as they should be allowed to become whatever they want to be.


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