Is the school day too long?


Sometimes I wonder whether the school day is too long. Add in after school clubs or sports and by the time they’re home, washed up, homework done and dinner finished, it’s pretty close to bed time. Feels pretty tough to me. In my day school hours were the same but we didn’t have so much after school, and virtually no homework … thus I had a life outside of school. What do you think?


Mmmmm - my child goes to a school where they offer after school activities as part of the school day. So he finishes formal lessons at 4.20 then does activities – or homework club – between 4.30 and 5.30. He then comes home with the majority of his homework done or post-sport (he loves his sport!) and the evening feels like it’s just for relaxing. At first I worried that he was missing out on down time but then I know if he was home and twiddling his thumbs at 3.30, he’d be pestering to go on his iPad or Xbox.


Where I come from, school starts at 7:30 and finishes at 4:00pm, so 6 1/2 hours school day is comparatively short. My kids are home by 4:00 pm at the latest. They both have karate two days a week, and scouts one day a week. Both activities are outside of school.


Ok doesn’t sound too bad. Mine finish at 4pm too but with an after school club on top that is 5pm. Its 5.30pm by the time they’re home and they get an hour’s homework so that’s 6.30pm. Then there’s just enough time left for dinner and reading.


My children refused to do anymore than what they’re doing now. Apparently, they’d like to have some relaxing time:)


I think it depends on the child and their age. I have a son who boards and his ‘day’ starts at 6.45am with lessons from 8.30am through to 5pm - although they have 2hrs every afternoon from 1.30 -3.30pm for sports and ‘after-school’ activities - and then back for a last double-lesson.

He then has 2 hrs of down time to go for supper, play pool/table tennis/swim go to the gym etc with his friends - or just hang out in his dorm until prep, which is from 7 - 9pm - lights out at 10pm (phones are not allowed during the day and are also taken away at 9pm!)

He also has Saturday school and then, after lunch, an afternoon of matches…he’s 14 and in Y10…

He absolutely loves his school - as do all his friends - and I know he’s very happy, academically challenged and mentally and physically healthy from all the activities and sport but what do others think…is it all too much?


Thanks for sharing all your experiences. It sounds like things will start to feel a bit better when they’re slightly more older and we no longer have to help them get their homework done - I find that the most exhausting!