Learning a musical instrument at school


I think music is wonderful, and one of my favourite times when I was at school was when I was able to learn one of the many instruments that I still love to play today. However, I know that a lot of schools don’t really have any actual provision for this type of tuition - and even when they do, parents have to pay a fee on top of their schooling and also provide their children with instruments and music etc.

Do you think that there should be more of a provision for children to learn music, regularly, in school without parents having to fork out a lot of money for it? I do personally, because I believe that music can help a child to grow and develop.


@gemmarowlands23 That’s a good point. At our school, if we want our children to learn to play any instrument or having singing tuition, we have to pay quite a lot per session because they have to bring in a specialist teacher.


I agree it’s great for mental development and learning an instrument does wonders for hand-eye coordination. I suppose the reasoning behind charging for music lessons is to keep it fair for others who are perhaps not as keen on it - e.g. if someone’s kid is sporty rather than musically inclined. If after school tennis or judo clubs cost money then I suppose its only fair for music tuition to as well.