Moving back to England. Where do I start with schools?


We are hoping to return to the UK after spending 5 years in The Netherlands.
We would like to settle in West Sussex, although we don’t know exactly where yet!
What would you recommend. Finding the school first. (I have two girls aged 6 and almost 8) then deciding where to live based on that?

I understand it is very difficult to get your children into the school you want and it depends on a number of factors, one of those being if you are in their catchment area.

In addition to this I have also heard that you need to be resident in that catchment area for at least a year prior to getting a school place. Is this right?

We will have missed the online deadline for school applications too, so what would be the procedure for us? We are hoping that we will be back in the UK in the summer ready for the children to start school.

Thank you for any advice.