Moving from Australia and the school age difference


Hi, we are migrating to the UK from Australia and my eldest daughter is a summer born child, 15-07-2007. We’ve been told she will have to move into Year 7 because of this. However she is just finishing year 5 in Australia and I think skipping year 6 and the first term of year 7 will really disadvantage her.

I found the following article from 2015 suggesting they were changing the rules for summer born children, but I cannot find any article as to whether this was written into law. Can someone help?


Hi Matt,

This organisation will have the lastest info on the summer born campaign. It’s not law at present:

We would advise talking to the schools you are interested in applying for and discussing your concerns with them. Admission policies can vary from school to school, and it is in the school’s best interest that your daughter is fully prepared for Y7 entry. That said, a great deal of Y6 in English school focus on consolidation and testing. But maturity and school-readiness is key.

Wishing you the best of luck with your move.