School uniforms vs Home clothes?


I’m so grateful that my 3 kids all have approved school uniform lists for me to buy from each year. Why? Despite the expense I still believe this tradition should be upheld for so many reasons - both as a parent and for my children’s sake too. Firstly, from the child’s perspective they look, and therefore feel, the same as the rest of their classmates so there is no ‘jeans/trainers/crop-top envy’ to contend with - a huge problem for girls particularly and I’m happy that this extra little bit of teenage stress doesn’t exist in our house in the mornings.

Uniform gives my kids a sense of identity which helps create loyalty and a standard of expected behaviour, both in and out of school (ie. easily identifiable on the bus home when wearing a cherry red blazer!). I simply don’t understand why parents complain about the expense of a specified uniform without questioning how much it will cost to keep their kids in the latest ‘home’ clothes for an extra 40+ weeks of the year. Not to mention the potential problems at school if some of this clothing gets spoilt/stolen/lost - teachers have enough challenges without being contacted about Johnny’s spoilt/lost/stolen Superdry hoodie!

I’d be interested to know if parents who have kids at non-uniform schools agree…and if so…have you tried and failed to get your school to change its mind?


@cbpark - I agree 100%. Uniforms are great. They completely eliminate the need for peer pressure in clothing choice. I just wish schools didn’t insist on branded uniforms - which are ridiculously expensive. Effectively, parents pay to promote the school’s brand. In any other industry you’d be able to charge sponsorship fees for that. :smile:


School uniform all the way - and we don’t have to buy expensive branded items either. When it’s non-uniform day they spend ages trying to decide what to wear, or want to wear something hugely inappropriate (remember a melt-down when I wouldn’t let my 5 year old go to school in her ballet tutu) so imagine what that would be like every day???

No thanks!


I think schools should wear uniforms for the sole reason that wearing own clothes would create more things for children to be bullied about. Parents cannot afford enough clothes to allow children to wear new things all of the time, and uniforms mean that this is not a problem. I think that it is important that uniforms can be acquired cheaply from somewhere, as I don’t agree with expensive uniforms, but on the whole, uniforms are a good idea.


I always prefer uniform. Not only do the kids look smart, but it actually works out cheaper. With uniform, two pairs would last for more than two school years. In fact, I’ve only bought one or two school tops for my son in the last four years because we keep getting stuff from friends who have children who already left our school. If my children don’t wear uniform, it would mean I have to buy them at least five pairs of clothes to wear to school. And as Morag mentioned, it’s easier for the kids to decide what to wear:)


Hi all,
School uniform has been really important to my daughter, I am lucky enough to own a small business creating hair bows and have made bows that match school colours. This concept has taken off, but now some have taken it too far with very large bows! The focus should be on learning, the uniform should not distract from that. I’m avoiding selling the very large bows and focus on the ones that are practical which keep hair out of the eyes and are not a big fashion statement! ( if anyone is curious please feel free to visit my webpage: )