Should kids be 'punished' for being sick?


Anyone see this story on Huffington Post today?

I have to admit that was a miffed one year that my child had 100% attendance and there was no comment or acknowledgement or recognition.

But surely children shouldn’t be rewarded for being well or sick?


I don’t see giving 100% attendance award as a punishment for students for being unwell, but a reward for students who strive to attend school without fail. Our schools give 100% attendance certificates at the end of each term, and I think my children only ever had it once or twice. They’re happy when they have it, but never felt they’ve been punished if they don’t get it.

I think kids need to learn that not getting a reward doesn’t mean punishment. Otherwise, life would get very difficult for them, if they expect that they get rewarded all the time.


We just try to make staying at home as boring as possible in order to encourage the boys not to ask for a day off unless they are genuinely unwell. So no iPad, wii or TV all day if you are staying at home. Works a treat.