Your journey to school


Part of our school’s plan to get children healthier is to encourage them to walk, and for every day they walk to school, they get a sticker on a chart. This is great for my child because we walked every day anyway - but there are some children who live too far away from school to walk, and it would take them at least an hour to get there every day, which obviously isn’t possible for many parents.

Where would you draw the line with how far away you can live from school before you would no longer consider walking to be an option?

Do you think that it is unfair that some children are being rewarded for something that they did anyway, whereas others are being penalised (effectively) for not doing something that they couldn’t really do even though they wanted to?


Yes I agree it’s unfair. We walk as well, but some children come from miles away and couldn’t walk even if they wanted to. I don’t really know the solution to this dilemma. I do wish more people were able to walk. On days where the whole school makes a concerted effort, the roads around are much more pleasant.


At one point, our school have asked parents to park 5 mins away from school. It worked for a bit, but as it meant that parents have to leave home early than normal, it died a slow death.


We had this as well for a while … suffered the same fate.